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5 year warranty

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Thermoplastics Decks are very impact resistance and don’t dent, ding, chip or crack easily, Leading to a longer lifespan for your pontoon deck made from other materials.

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Thermo Plastic Decks are extremely lightweight

They are a popular choice when weight is a factor in your pontoon. In many projects, they can replace metal parts, making it a durable, lightweight alternative. 

Pontoon weight will affect the water ride and maneuverability; also Increase fuel efficiency , have less drag and maintain better buoyancy.

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Towing with Thermoplastic Decks

Towing with Thermoplastic makes towing more comfortable of a tow to get to the water. Better gas mileage, Ease of stopping, and going. Less wear and tear on your towing vehicle to increase its lifespan.

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Thermo Plastic Decks  are stain and chemical resistant, so they won’t discolour or yellow when exposed to chemicals, cleaners, and solvents, and some are even resistant to graffiti.

Moisture Resistance

No Rot, the more moisture the material absorbs the more it expands leading to deck deterioration, structure instability, and warping.

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Codes and Compliance

When certain additives are blended with thermoplastic polymers, this performance plastic deck can meet code and compliance requirements for smoke, flammability, and even toxic gas release. This makes them excellent for the environment and health.


Environmental Cautious

Thermoplastics contain no VOCs and their manufacturing process produces no outgasses or hazardous waste.

Thermoplastics can be reprocessed and recycled almost indefinitely, making them a great for the environment.